Meg + Chris: in love.

I had the joy of photographing Meg and Chris (by the way, a BIG congratulations to them, they got married yesterday!)

As I hope you’ll be able to see through the photos; they’re in love! It’s so evident in the way they interact.

These are some of my favorites:

Aren’t they adorable?

Thanks, Meg and Chris, for letting me take your pictures!

Expecting: Love.

Amanda had her beautiful baby boy, Jonah, a few days after this photo shoot!  It was an honor to photograph her as a first-time mother.  In her words: ” I can’t thank the Lord enough for my beautiful, healthy baby boy! I praise Him in all he does! Having a child is truly a beautiful blessing and a miracle.”  Here are the pictures just before her little miracle arrived!  Thanks for looking!

Hopefully soon I’ll get to show you pictures of baby Jonah and his beautiful mama!