I love this family.

Over the summer I got a really great gift – the chance to visit one of my best friends in Michigan.  She hooked me up with a chance to photograph a wedding in Grand Rapids (thanks, Em!) and I took a few extra days to visit with her and her sweet family.  Because of how far away we live from one another, up until that point I had only met her oldest, Eli, when he was just a baby.  So getting a few days with all three of the kids was a treat!

Spending time with them was so encouraging for me as I’m about to embark on the adventure of motherhood (you can read more about that here!) I’m terrified…and excited. And to see Emily in action was just what my heart needed. She has such grace, such patience, and a lot of love for her children. She and David have beautiful hearts that long to love their family and others the way Jesus has loved them- and it shows.  I will treasure our talks over this time and the honesty from Em that being a mother is hard. And it’s beautiful and glorifying to God, too.  Thank you, Em, for encouraging me – and inspiring me, too.





















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Oh, how I wish we lived closer…



Colorado Beloved Session: The Empey Family

I met Jen through a mutual friend (also a photographer…and does such a beautiful job. HANNAH ELOGE). They are such a cute family and we had fun chasing Zane around and trying to capture their life together. My favorite shots are the last few, thanks to Beloved and the way it invites true emotions and expressions to shine. The first two are photos of Zane’s room…isn’t it great? I love these ideas and may use them for our some-day-babies :)

Here are some favorites of the Empeys.         

Why I love the Beloved invites so much…

Baby Reagan in Red

What a cutie!!

I’m so thankful for personal referrals (thank you, Ali)!  As a new-ish photographer, I still get a little nervous before I meet new people for a shoot.  It’s funny because my experience thus far has been so great and the people I meet are so kind and fun and I always end up enjoying the shoot so much- this one is a great example of that!  It was so good to meet you, Chris and Ashley- I hope to get to see you and your family whenever you make it back to Colorado!

(Isn’t Reagan’s little red frilly dress and pearls the best!?)

Zoie Love

Ok I may be a little bias, but I am loving these pictures!  Zoie is our niece (one out of 18!!), but our only niece in Colorado so far. Josh and Bonnie are pretty great, too :)

We went to this gorgeous spot in Boulder, spent some time under the spring sun, and it was wonderful.

Penny Arcade with the Stoner Fam

I love these type of family shoots- where we just go somewhere and have fun together!
I got to be an observer (with a camera) of this great family playing and laughing together…what a wonderful thing!

I met Ardell through our yoga studio….here she’s getting her boys to do some balancing work in tree pose…

Ardell is not only a really fun (and beautiful!) mom, but she’s also a yoga instructor at cambio. yoga studio.  It’s an amazing place, and I’d recommend it to anyone in town!

Sweet Rory

Monique and I met (and became kkg sisters!) at Hillsdale College almost ten years ago!  She and Ben met there and married – and recently moved to Colorado Springs.

They had Rory this past year and she is such a sweet and smiley baby!

If you need to know where to get one of these gnome domes for your baby, check out my friend Claudia’s site – they’re great!